The story was kinda sad.

SparkFun is an electronic components and DIY tools and parts seller, and recently, they imported some cheap multimeters from China for resale... the SAME ONES they've been importing for SIX YEARS.

It's stuck in US Customs. Apparently, the color scheme violated a trademark held by Fluke with their TM'ed yellow case design, even though SparkFun's meters are more... orange. Customs said the shipment can only be sent back to China... or destroyed (at additional cost). And every day at customs is $150 storage fee. Sparkfun can't even donate them.

SparkFun wants a temporary license from Fluke so the shipment can be released from Customs, so it can be donated to Fluke's cause of choice.

Fluke did them one better... Fluke donated 30000 worth of GENUINE Fluke multimeters to Sparkfun.…