TelexFree is a US company, but its primary operations is in Brazil. They claim to offer VOIP services, but they don't hold any such license in Brazil. Instead, what they claim to be is you put in money, post daily ads on the Internet, and get a return above and beyond the money you put in. It was shut down in Brazil as a suspect Ponzi scheme, and so far has lost no less than 16 times in various courts up and down the Brazilian justice system. People thus far range from angry and upset to outright delusional (everything is fine). However, news just came from Brazil that a TelexFree member, who previously attempted suicide about a week ago, has finally succumbed to her injuries.

A 22-year old woman was reported on 22-NOV-2013 to have jumped from a 5th story building in suicide attempt having previously borrowed $50000 Brazilian Reals ($21217 USD) to put into TelexFree, only to see the entire company frozen by the courts. She survived the attempt and was transported to ICU but succumbed to her injuries 7 days later. (original news link in Portuguese)

Brazilian TelexFree promoters are a colorful bunch some of whom have taken to Youtube to demonstrate their support for this outlawed scheme. One man dressed up as Rambo (with a red bandanna) holding a fake knife (complete with LED lights!) pleading people to keep up the struggle, while an ice cream shop owner named his new concoction "TelexFree" hoping to raise funds for TelexFree defense in court.


The similarity of the TelexFree ad program bears amazing resemblance to the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme shut down by SEC on August 16, 2012, where members are also encouraged to put in money (allegedly to "buy bids to giveaway") then earn return on those money over 90 days at the rate of 0.8% to 1.8% DAILY, by posting one ad somewhere on the Internet.

TelexFree US is believed to be a virtual office in state of Delaware, though it has apparently applied for FCC long distance license only very recently, in September of 2013, through a Florida telecom consultant by the name of Joe Isaacs, who previously was involved with FHTM, a pyramid scheme that was shut down by FTC in early 2013. Isaacs, who later had a falling out with FHTM, claimed to have contributed to FHTM's demise.

It is unknown if US authorities are aware of TelexFree's potentially illegal activities out of the country, but it is widely known that many Brazilian promoters of TelexFree are encouraging their members to keep TelexFree alive by enrolling in TelexFree US (and pay TelexFree US to enjoy the ROI) instead of the Brazilian side which was frozen by Brazilian courts.


UPDATE: Apparently TelexFree spammers are not above spamming the death notice of one of their own, according to report from