Did you sideload or install the Google Experience Launcher on a non-Kitkat Android such as CM10? Are you having problem with Google Text-to-Speech Engine not saying anything, and just crashes, when you use the voice search feature?

The solution is simple... UNINSTALL IT. Somehow this engine is AUTOMATICALLY loaded when you load GEL / Google Now / Google Search no matter what your TTS settings are in Accessibility. I have Pico and Ivona alongside Google TTS. I know Ivona is selected as default, but somehow GEL still tries to load Google TTS and crashes.

If you installed Google TTS from the Play Store, uninstall it.

If you sideloaded it, on a rooted device, you'll have to use a tool like Titanium Backup to remove it as it's considered a System app. You may see the app listed under "my apps", but if it has no revert / uninstall buttons at all, it's a system app and you need the root tools to uninstall it.


Some reported that if you then go to Play Store and download the latest version and force a reinstall, it should work fine then. YMMV.